Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler played a critical role in team Canada’s win at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game last night (Feb. 12). Under the deft guidance of coach Drake, Butler scored 15 points and 14 rebounds, leading his team to a 74-63 victory over team USA. The art-rock leader was named MVP, the night’s highest honor, but unfortunately, his celebration was cut short.

When ESPN reporter Sage Steele went to interview the 2016 MVP, Butler used the platform to discuss the importance of universal health care. Before he could get very far, however, Steele interrupted the singer: “We’re talking about celebrity stuff not politics.” Ouch. Watch below (and keep an eye out for USA coach Kevin Hart’s priceless deadpan on the left):

It looks like Butler took it all in stride, though, still posing with his trophy and trainer -- aka director and frequent collaborator Spike Jonze:

And, hey, at least Butler’s brother and bandmate, Will, had his back:

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