The Grammy's were Sunday, and as usual I didn't watch them. I just looked up the results the next day. This time I was surprised to see that a band I've never even heard of won album of the year. That band was Arcade Fire and I couldn't be more unimpressed. I knew at their were no notable rock bands up for the award. I just assumed it would be that Justin Bieber kid or Lady Gag. From what I've been reading on the world wide wasteland, I'm not the only one who has never heard of the underdog winner of Album of the Year: Arcade Fire.

So, being the audiophile that I am I HAD to at least listen to something from Arcade Fire and see if it was Grammy worthy. Needless to say it lived up to my expectations of being totally lame. I will never again be disappointed in myself for not watching the Grammy's. in Judge for yourself.

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