Coming into the public eye on the drama-filled VH1 reality series, ‘Basketball Wives,’ is Evelyn Lozada, former fiance of NBA player, Antoine Walker. With the fourth season premiering last night, Lozada is known for providing entertaining sound bytes with catchphrases such as “You are a non-mutha-f—in’ factor, bitch!” and “Stay in your lane, boo boo!”

Though the Bronx native dated Walker for 10 years,  more recently, Lozada has moved onto the New England Patriots non-factor, Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco Johnson.

Setting her sights beyond the realm of  reality TV, this working mother of one now co-owns an upscale shoe boutique named Dulce in Coral Gables, Fla.

Sometimes crazy is sexy and that’s why we dig Evelyn Lozada.



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