Someone should tell the TV executives out there that we need another reality show, like we need another hole in the head.  But, seeing as they really aren't human after all that probably won't help.  Case in point this new low in TV show development.

495 Productions -- the same company that is responsible for the “Jersey Shore,” “Tool Academy” and “Shot At Love” -- is looking for the wildest and most "compelling " mothers and daughters from across the nation for another TV reality series and another reason for the rest of the world to think we are depraved lunatics.This is the kind of "mom" they are looking to cast according to the casting notice:

She's the talk of the town, the queen of the night, she beats the beat and leaves no bottle left unopened. She is the total party animal... and she's your mom! Do your guy friends hit on your mom? Do you have to sneak out to parties so she doesn't tag along? Does she rock a mini skirt and shamelessly dare to bare? Whether you love your mom's wild ways or hate her too-hot-to-handle behavior, we want to hear from you. Whether you party together, take turns taking care of one another, or avoid each other out of embarrassment, this is your opportunity to let it all out!”

If that sounds like your mom, then we suggest therapy NOT a reality show. Not that we have anything against MILF's, we love them actually, we are just tired of not having anything to watch on TV.

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