A recent PSA from the national Donate Life Foundation shows the true power someone has to save lives...even if that person is a complete a**hole.

And yes...they pretty much come right out and say it.

When I first saw the commercial, I honestly thought it was a trailer for some Farrelly Brothers movie, as it starts off introducing our "hero" and one of the most horrible people you could imagine:

"This is a story about Coleman Sweeney," the ad starts. "Coleman, in short, was an a**hole."

The ad goes on to tell exactly what kind of a**hole Mr. Sweeney is, and to what levels of a**holiness he stoops. The PSA then takes a turn, and tells how, even though Coleman was the worst kind of a**hole, one simple decent decision changed the lives of so many others around him.

The message behind the ad is a true and powerful one. Becoming an organ donor is as easy as saying "yes" to one question the next time you get your driver's licence renewed. That one "yes" could save the lives of several people.

Keep that in mind the next time you renew your license, or you can register as a donor online in the State of Louisiana by going to donatelifela.org.

It's ok if you're an a**hole in life. Just do one nice thing and become an organ donor so you won't be an a**hole in death.