For the few of you in Shreveport who are still using a TV with an antenna, the FCC wants you to rescan your TVs.

I remember the good ole days with the antenna TVs. I would try to angle the antenna just right while my mom or sister gave advice on which way to line them up so the picture came in perfectly. Man, those were the days. I haven't even had live TV in my house in several years, opting to go to streaming services exclusively. It's funny, the girls and I can literally watch anything and everything with just a. few clicks, yet there was something magical about the antenna days.

Believe it or not, there are still many TV-watchers who have remained faithful to the good ole days, opting to still use their antenna TVs. For those people, the FCC has issued a recommendation this week.

For Shreveporters and those in Monroe who still use a TV with antennas, the FCC recommends a rescan to make sure they are receiving all of the local channels.

CC Chair Jean Kiddo spoke about the recommendation by saying, "We are reorganizing the television spectrum band a bit, to make it be used more efficiently so that we can free up some space for wireless consumers.”

To rescan your TV set, go to the menu button on your remote control and under antenna use the autotune or auto program setting. If you need assistance you can also reach out to the FCC for guidance. Their website is or call 1-888-CALL-FCC.

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