The former Calvary Cavalier has finally done it, winning his first-ever PGA Tour event over the weekend.

I can remember hitting golf balls with my Calvary friends 10 years ago when they first brought up this younger kid named Sam Burns. Believe it or not, despite being an Evangel student, most of my best friends were Calvary students who also graduated the same year I did. Despite being a few years older than Sam Burns, his name was mentioned at literally every single golf outing. In fact, it would borderline-bother a few of my friends who were much better golfers than me, that there was a kid several grades younger than them that could absolutely tear them up on the golf course.

Now, flash forward to 2021, and that same kid is dominating life on the PGA Tour and has finally grabbed his first-ever PGA Tour victory.

Here's the thing, my friends knew this was Sam Burns' destiny when he was just a middle schooler. This was basically written in the stars. Sam has played on the PGA Tour for a couple of years now and has many close calls to winning his first event on tour. In fact, this season alone, Burns has held the lead going into the final Sunday round.

This Sunday, however, was different. It was pure magic as Sam Burns held the lead and didn't let go, eventually winning the Valspar Championship by three strokes.

As Jim Nantz said following the big win, this is the first of many to come. Congrats to you, Sam Burns. Now let's get a round in at Huntington whenever you're available.







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