Four years ago, Tyler Summitt was one of the biggest up-and-coming names at all levels of coaching. He was in his early 20s, had turned an assistant Women's Coach job at Marquette into a Head Coach job at Louisiana Tech in Ruston.

You probably recognize the last name, Tyler was the son of legendary Tennessee Women's Basketball Head Coach Pat Summitt.

In Ruston, Tyler Summitt made it 2 seasons, putting together a 30-31 record. He likely would have continued to build the program at Tech, but almost exactly 3 years ago this week, Summitt had to resign as the Women's Coach at Louisiana Tech over an "inappropriate relationship".

Back when he resigned, Summitt acknowledged the relationship, but details of exactly what happened were a little sketchy. Rumors were referenced by players on the team through social media, but now three years later, it seems like some of those rumors may have been substantiated. Here's the picture from the latest Deadspin article:

"Neither Summitt nor the school clarified exactly what sort of relationship led to Summitt’s resignation, though he divorced his wife shortly after he resigned and he recently married (Brooklyn) Pumroy, who played for him at both Marquette and Louisiana Tech.

After rumors began swirling in early 2016 that Summitt had impregnated one of the two players that followed him from Marquette to Louisiana Tech, Ashley Santos—the other player who fit the bill along with Pumroy—posted a photo of herself to prove that she was not pregnant. All Summitt said about the rumors in his only interview since resigning is that “what transpired did not result in [him] becoming a father.”

This is all coming to light now as Tyler Summitt is preparing to return to coaching basketball. Summitt will be a Girl's High School Assistant Coach, under the Head Coaching of his wife, Brooklyn Summitt (formerly Pumroy, Summitt's former player). The pair have been hired at Fairborn High School in Fairborn, Ohio (just outside of Dayton, Ohio). Brooklyn Summitt played high school basketball at Fairborn.

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