You've, perhaps, never heard of the band Vulfpeck.

And before reading about this, we here at "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" hadn't either. But we're fans now!

We've talked before about how artists barely make any money off of streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora and Slacker.

But Vulfpeck came up with a brilliant way to beat the system and make a little extra dough.

The Los Angeles rhythm band released a completely silent album on Spotify titled "Sleepify."

Vulfpeck did the math and figured out that if their fans streamed their album all night while they slept, they'd make a bunch of money. After just a week or so, they had earned $20,000 from Spotify!

But Spotify eventually caught on and shut them down, claiming Vulfpeck's stunt violated Spotify's terms of service.



The whole reason the band decided to do this was to be able to offset the costs of offering its fans free admission to upcoming shows.

Very cool. Great job beating the system, guys!

Support Vulfpeck, a group of studio musicians from Vulf Records, by clicking here.


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