Mike Tyson was on a Toronto news channel show Wednesday to promote his one-man show Wednesday night in Toronto.

While talking about the show, the subject shifted to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has had his fair share of issues in the last year. First, he walked face-first into a TV camera.  Then, he admitted to having smoked crack while in office. And finally, he bowled over a woman at a City Council meeting. Yeah, things haven't been great for the crack-smoking mayor.

During Tyson's visit to Toronto, he visited with Ford on Tuesday.

The TV news channel host asked Tyson if he thought that his visit with Ford would hinder his re-election efforts, now that he's hung out with a convicted rapist. Tyson was convicted of rape in 1992 and served three years in jail in Indiana.

Tyson didn't take kindly to the line of questioning and decided to tell the host exactly what he thought about him:

F**k you. You're a piece of shit."

That seemed to sum up Tyson's sentiments nicely. And remember, this was on live television!

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