There's a little expression that's gone somewhat viral over the past year.

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You've probably heard it; might have even used it yourself a time or two. It's the simple, "If you know, you know."

That is pretty much how I feel about the South. Honestly, I was born and raised right here in Northwest Louisiana. Have spent nearly sixty years bragging about how God had blessed me to be born in the South.

I'm sure, if you are from here as well, you're equally as proud of your heritage. "If you know, you know."

We hear people from up North when they're down here visiting or have transferred here because of a job. They talk funny don't they? And they think we are the ones with an accent. They are in for a shock when they show up at the Pearly Gates and the Good Lord says, "Hey ya'll. We been waitin' on ya. Jeet yet?"

Course, here in the South, we have certain expressions that are unique to our area. They were born in us. Our grandparents used them and their grandparents used them. It's a Southern thing you know.

To that point, we have listed a number of those expressions that immediately lets you know when you hear them, that person is from the South!

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