Happy Valentine's Day!

Geek'd Con 2020 has a Valentine's Day gift today, in the form of a guest announcement. But, unlike a lot of Valentine's Day gifts, you will have to take part in getting this gift.

The guest announcement for today will be made exclusively on the Geek'd Con Mobile App. 

If you haven't downloaded the Geek'd App yet, you should jump on it now. The guest announcement will be made on the app at noon today, and won't be posted to social media, or the Geek'd Con website, this weekend. So the only way to find out who it is, will be to download the app.

The app isn't just for THIS guest announcement though. You will get ALL of the Geek'd Con guest announcements sent straight to you. You will also get ticket info, giveaways, geek news, and more.

But for today, if  you want this bloody (hey, there's a hint) Valentine's Day gift, download the app now. 

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