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2020 has proven itself as the best year to dive headfirst into a dating app.  No, you say?  How else are you going to meet the love of your life without breaking social distancing protocols?  Also, do you really want to fall for a killer set of eyes and nice hair when their mask could be concealing some "surprises?"  I didn't think so.

So, that leaves the single and desperate to mingle crowd with very few options.

  1. Brave the (most likely) infected masses, if you can find them?
  2. Put your digital "best foot forward" on the dating app of your choice.

Great!  Now that you've opted for the safer path to dating bliss, which app are you going to use?  Tinder?  Plenty of Fish?  There's even an app for Flat-Earthers and lizard-people conspiracists - so you just have to pick your crowd and start swiping.

Now, there's a new cat-dating app to add to the ever growing list - Tabby.  It just launched on Sunday, and to be clear - this isn't for your cat or for people that dress up as cats (You're thinking of Ferzu, which totally scarred me when I looked it up).  This is a dating service for cat-lovers.  If you've got a feline roommate, you know that sometimes he or she can scare off potential romantic interests - some folks detest cats that much.  

If you'd rather not feel rejection due to their inability to accept Captain Whiskers, you'll love this app!

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