My co-worker has not stopped talking about the return of one of his favorite shows ever. If he asks me one more time "So are you going to watch Game of Thrones?" I swear I will come undone. "Game of Thrones" returns on April 14th for their 8th season. A new app called will help you make your friends your enemies, and your enemies will hate you even more. You can pay $0.99 and the app will send spoilers to your friend. The app's description says "Do your friends love Game of Thrones, but watch it after it airs? Are you a terrible friend? Great!" You add your friends' number to the app and the app will text your friend all the spoilers! This app is perfect if you have a friend who doesn't watch "Game of Thrones" live. The app will also publish the best angry responses.

So, if you're annoyed because a friend is so obsessed with the show, or maybe your significant other ignores you because of their obsession with the Seven Kingdoms. You can entertain yourself and relish in being a terrible friend!



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