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It wasn't terribly long ago when I totally went off on Kiss Country one morning concerning a food inspector's actions at the Shreveport/Bossier Rescue Misson.

The individual in question had thrown away hundreds of pounds of donated venison and other wild game. Donated meat, via Hunters For the Hungry Louisiana! Enough to feed scores of homeless, and it was all gone in a matter of minutes.

With the help of then Louisiana Representative, now Judge Jeff Thompson, I was afforded the opportunity to be on hand at the Shreveport/Bossier Rescue Mission as then Governor Bobby Jindal signed a new law assuring that this would never be allowed to happen again.

Judge Thompson, himself an avid outdoorsman, was moved so much by this action himself, that he immediately went to work trying to find other ways to help feed the homeless and was instrumental in getting a huge donation of beef from Louisiana's own cattle ranchers to replace the lost staples.

He has also been instrumental in getting the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles to authorize a new Louisiana Hunters For the Hungry "H4H" specialty license plate that shows you're a sportsman who cares.

I just got mine and it was an extremely easy purchase and I feel some pride knowing that I'm helping the area's less fortunate through my love of hunting.

If you'd like to get one yourself, just go HERE.

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