On March 27th at 10:22PM a call came in for a welfare concern involving a one month old baby being thrown against a wall in a domestic dispute. When the police arrived, they discovered a domestic situation in which the adult victim suffered multiple lacerations. The complainant was also missing the to part of their ear from the altercation.
The subject who committed the horrific  acts is 33 year old Comeka Fisher of Shreveport. She was taken to jail for the attack on the complainant and throwing the infant against the wall. Fisher was booked on charges of domestic abuse, battery, child endangerment, and felony domestic abuse and battery.
The one month old infant in the incident was checked over by medical professionals and was deemed medically alright. The family of the child had this to say:
"For those who are concerned the baby is okay and is safe. Just continue to pray for the situation as a whole as we further find out what really happened.
Thanks for your prayers and concerns.
The Fisher Family"
Fisher is being held with no bond at the Shreveport City Jail.

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