When it comes to playing a game of chance we all want to improve our odds. Some people approach that task by consulting with super natural assistance. You know, a good luck charm. Or maybe they use their instincts and play hunch like a color or a name or a lucky number.

Then there are people who try to bring science into our games of chance. Okay, it's more mathematics than what you'd think of as traditional science. To be even more specific I really think we are talking about statistics. What the "stats" do is offer us a certain measure of "predictability". Notice they don't offer a certain level of certainty, there's still a lot of room to be wrong.

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That being said, we wanted to do some snooping into how Louisiana's lottery luck tends to run compared to other states and the lottery players in that state. Based on what we were able to ascertain from an article published by USA Today in 2020 when it comes to the big lottery games, Powerball and Mega Millions, one game carries a bigger advantage in Louisiana.

Maybe it's not a real advantage but a statistical advantage. In other words Louisiana has had a lot more Powerball winners than we have had Mega Millions winners. According to the USA Today article as of the publication date Louisiana had 17 big money Powerball winners.

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Only Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Kentucky and Pennsylvania have had more Powerball jackpot winners. I know the conventional thinking would suggest that states like New York or California would have more winners simply because they have a larger population but Lady Luck seems to favor the fly over states.

Now, when we look at the Mega Millions game, Louisiana doesn't fare nearly as well. In fact at the time the USA Today article was published Louisiana had not scored a jackpot winner. And if you look at the list of states with the most winners that's where you'll find New York, California, and New Jersey.

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Just for clarity Louisiana did not offer the Mega Millions game as a lottery choice until 2011. However, the state has been a participant in Powerball since 1995. But, still you'd think we'd have at least one jackpot winner for the Mega Millions game in the past decade and some change, wouldn't you?

So, as you have probably figured out on your own, Lady Luck plus math and statistics is an equation that has no absolute answer. Our advice? Play the lottery only if you can afford to lose the cost of the ticket  purchase. And, if you win, congratulations you can be expected a call from the IRS.