If you are fortunate enough to have a hunter on your shopping list this year, I'm here to try and help out with some incredible gift ideas that hopefully won't break the bank!

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Just like with a chef, you would never want to buy them cookware or spices (unless they listed specifically want they wanted) because, in all likelihood, you would never pick out what they want. Pretty much, the same applies with that hunter in your life.


Unless he or she specifically tells you exactly the caliber, action and brand of a deer rifle they might want, it is best to steer clear of that as an idea. Same thing for rifle scopes, shotguns and ammunition. But gear and accessories are always wanted additions.

Keep in mind these things while shopping:

  • Does it keep them warm?
  • Does it keep them cool?
  • Does it keep them dry?
  • Does it keep bugs away?
  • Can you eat it?
  • Does it come in XXL?
  • How cool is the camo pattern?
  • Would I want to own this even though I'm not a hunter?

If it fulfills any or all of those needs, odds are they'll be tickled to get it from you!

Just check out the list of these ideas we've come up with that will assuredly make that hunter in your life happy this Christmas!

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