First off, Sully would like to thank you for helping Godsmack's new album "1000hp" debut as the #3 selling album in Shreveport this week...

Okay...we haven't heard a word from him, but I'm sure he's thinking it, right?

Godsmack has always had a place in our heart in Shreveport - from the sold-out show at Malibu Alley on their first the sold out show (it actually sold out 5x. They kept adding additional seats, and you kept buying them up!) at Hirsch Coliseum with Staind, Stereomud, and Cold in Sully calling everybody in Shreveport/Bossier a bunch of inbreds in 2012. Uh, maybe we should forget about that last one...the Bossier PD had him a little stressed out that day.

In celebration of the great numbers the new album is putting up, not just here in SBC, but all over the country, Godsmack have just released the video for the first single (and title track) from the album. The video features the band playing the song, and flashbacks from the band's entire career interspersed. Pay close attention, maybe you'll see yourself in the crowd. Check it out here:



Godsmack headlines the Uproar Festival this Fall - see them at the Verizon Theater in Dallas on September 2nd. Better yet, you can see them in Los Angeles FOR FREE! Click the button below for details and a chance to register to win!

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