Last fall, James Gunn revealed that there was still one Guardians of the Galaxy easter egg that hadn’t been discovered, sending fans scrambling to scrutinize the film in search of what the director called “the big one.” Over a year later, the easter egg still hasn’t been found, leading some dispirited folks to believe they’ve been sent on a wild goose chase. Now Gunn is putting his money where his mouth is, offering $100,000 to the fan who proves that the easter egg doesn’t exist.

Since that easter egg has yet to be found, a fan on Facebook asked if Gunn ever plans on just revealing it himself. The director responded with a promise:

If there is no Easter egg I will give you a hundred thousand dollars - copy this post - I will consider it a legally binding contract - signed, James Gunn

It’s doubtful that Gunn was lying about that big easter egg, so don’t bet on him losing $100k anytime soon. But it’s an interesting approach to inspire some deeper digging, especially since there are plenty of fans online who love to prove people wrong. Gunn’s offer is sort of like reverse psychology — instead of searching for an easter egg, now know-it-all fans will be searching for the absence of one, which is basically the same thing. And at this point, you have to wonder if it’s been hiding in plain sight all along; the best answer is usually the most obvious one.

Gunn is currently in post-production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is set to hit theaters on May 5, 2017. Maybe by then someone will have finally found this crazy easter egg — or maybe we’ll have to wait for Gunn to reveal it on his death bed.

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