How did this not happen in Louisiana???

When I stumbled across this video, I just knew it had to come from our great state. GHonestly, in my mind, stuff like this can only happen in Louisiana. However, I'll admit there's only one state crazier than ours, and that's Florida.

A viral video from Florida shows asomething truly remarkable, and terrifying.

A guy was out enjoying a nice day on the lake. Ripping liops and chugging some cold ones. I can hardly imaging that this is how he invisioned his day going.

He got a nice fish on the line, and began to real the bad boy in, when all of a sudden, BOOM..... Alligator.

Yep, both the alligator and this guy had their sights set on the same target, and you can guess who won the battle. Like a lighting strike, the gator steals the fish and goes on his way, leaving this guy with nothing except a pretty awesome viral video.

Check it out!



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