Could we see new music from Halestorm in 2017? It's looking like more of a possibility, as siblings Lzzy and Arejay Hale reveal that the writing for the disc is underway and starting to come together.

In a chat with A Music Blog, Yea?, which can be seen in the video above, Lzzy offers an update on the writing, explaining, "It's in the demo stages, but it's all kind of starting to gel together. 'Cause, really, initially what happens is that, 'All right, everyone just write for the sake of writing. Don't even think about anything thematic. Just go.' And now it's starting to all kind of take form."

The siblings revealed this past summer that they had continued to write even after the release of Into the Wild Life, but it appears that some of the work the band members have compiled individually is starting to come together, with an assist by a familiar name to fans of the 2000 rock scene.

Arejay explains, "On our last tour, we had one of our friends, Scott Stevens, come out with us, who is an amazing writer. He used to sing in The Exies back in, like, the early 2000s. [He's] an amazing writer. We wrote 'I Miss The Misery' with him, wrote a lot of songs with him. So it was cool having him on the road with us while we were kind of all frantically demoing and writing separately. And he kind of helped bring us all together in the writing process. So I think we kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Though the band is definitely thinking about their next album, they still have some shows on the horizon. Beginning on New Year's Eve, they'll kick off a tour of New Zealand and Australia. The dates will take them into mid-January, but there has been nothing announced beyond that, which may signal the start of time focusing on what they want to record for the next album. See their current tour schedule here.

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