HBO's Hard Knocks will feature the Dallas Cowboys for the third time starting next week and fans are happy they'll get to see Dak Prescott back with the team after last fall's gruesome leg injury.  But now what?!  Another injury? 

Dak Prescott's comeback had to be a big draw for HBO, and one of the biggest reasons they wanted to feature the Cowboys on Hard Knocks this season.  To play football at full speed again is a huge win for Dak after being carted off the field in tears last October with a compound fracture.

Dak is back, and fans are ready to see him throw again.  But throwing is a slight issue for Dak.  We could gain a little more insight next week when Hard Knocks has its season debut, but it's been well-documented that Dak missed a few days of practice last week because of an injury to his throwing shoulder.  All signs point to the injury being not too serious, but offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said they'll "be smart about it" and not rush the recovery.

The Cowboys training camp has been hosting an HBO film crew of 30 people, and Dak's absence has been one of the biggest storylines to come from camp so far.  It will be interesting to see how HBO works it in.  We know the crew will talk to the players and capture footage that will make it feel like we're getting the private scoop on top-secret details.  And we know some big personalities will emerge while they're covering the inner workings of Dak's throwing shoulder.

The team leaves for Canton, Ohio today for the game on Thursday, and they'll have Friday off before practicing with the Rams on Saturday.

Dak Prescott was signed to a multi-year deal in March, and it's a $160-million, 4-year deal that paid him a $66 million signing bonus.  He'll earn an average of $42 million per year over the first three seasons.  Incredible.  It's a huge vote of confidence after the leg injury, and a good sign that fresh starts happen.  Dak says he'll be fine despite the shoulder injury, and vows to do whatever he needs to do to get ready to play in September.

Hard Knocks debuts Tuesday, August 10th on HBO Max at 9 pm CT, and it's a safe bet that Dak's comeback will be the main highlight, whether he's on the field or not.

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