I have a lot of weekend getaways planned right now, the kind of weekend where I am taking off as soon as I leave work on Friday. I have been fortunate enough to not have to worry about finding babysitters for children, instead, I hope my friend Chelsea is able to step in and watch my dog child. We love you, Chelsea! Point is, there is a lot of travel in my near future.

I am very grateful that I purchased my weekend getaway flights before the ransomware attack that has sent so many into a panic. I am starting to see so many gas stations bump up their prices because of the ransomware attack that has caught the nation's attention.

The Colonial Pipeline Company announced that they planned on getting everything restored by the end of this week. Until then we will see the prices of gasoline skyrocket. The FBI named the gang behind the ransomware attack that took place on Friday. The criminal gang calls themselves "Darkside".

There is a silver lining here, what goes up must come down. However, if you were to look up a flight right now you would clutch your pearls, at least that is what happened to me minutes before writing this. Flights that were available last week are no longer available. A flight that was $177 is now $290 the price of fuel isn't just affecting families that want to go on a road trip to the beach, it is also causing our flights to shoot up in pricing. I will have to hold off on planning any more weekend getaways for now. Until then I need to invest in a motorcycle or a Tesla.



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