If you're like me, you've found yourself scratching your head at the gas pump recently. Gas prices are up, and they're only going to get higher.

Yesterday, I filled up my tank on Airline drive. I saw the total grow and grow and I paused because it was the first time I really noticed that our gas prices are rising. Sure, they've been rising for some time, but I just haven't really noticed or stressed about it. However, after yesterday, I wanted to dive into the forecast for our gas prices. Usually by the time I notice prices are going up, they quickly bounce back and drop back down.

Unfortunately, that is no where near the case for the foreseeable future in Louisiana. What's worse is that it's the complete opposite. Prices are not expected to drop any time soon, in fact, they will continue to steadily rise.

Please don't shoot the messenger.

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst with Gas Buddy.com, says, "The price of oil has surged to its highest level in seven years, up to about 81 dollars a barrel, that’s up about two-and-a-half percent.It’s been a long time, over seven years, since we’ve seen that three-dollar mark and it looks like we may get there before this latest rally is done and over with.”

Hopefully our prices will hit their peak sooner rather than later, and begin to dip back down, or at the very least quit rising. Only time will tell, in the meantime, buckle up for an expensive winter at the pump.

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