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Late last month, Dr. Anthony Fauci (the top infectious disease expert in the country) said that although the nationwide roll out of COVID-19 vaccines was humming right along - Americans might need to continue wearing face masks until 2022!  If he's right, that means we will still have to figure out how to conduct our day-to-day lives while half of our face is covered.

As for me, I'll wear a mask as long as it's necessary to keep my fellow Louisianans safe.  Seeing as how I have been married for longer than a decade, wearing one doesn't really hold me back in the romance department.  For my single friends, however, this is a pretty big roadblock when it comes to one of the cornerstones of starting a new relationship - flirting.

Luckily, a mere mask isn't enough to stop Cupid's arrow.  According to Flirtology.com's relationship coach Jean Smith, not only can you flirt with a mask on - there are several different ways to do it!  The social and cultural anthropologist based out of London says that you can flirt to your heart's content just by using the real estate situated just above your mask line.

According to Smith:

"The eyes are the most powerful source of attraction, which is why they have been the subject of numerous quotes and poems over the ages. My favorite is, ‘We try to hide our feelings but we forgot that our eyes speak’."

If you are struggling to "put out the vibe" while you are masked up, she suggests trying one of the following techniques:

1. The Mona Lisa (a subtle smirk, and yes - you can see this smirk in your eyes!)

2. The Side Glance (looking back seductively)

3. Baby Doll Eyes (achieved by simply making the eyes wider, like a surprise)

4. Intense Eyes (all you have to do is stare intently into your crush's eyes/soul)

5. The Wink (you already know how to do this one)

6. The Eyebrow Lift (as in the case with the wink, you probably got this)

7. Clear Contact (let them know you know they know you're looking - once again, all with the eyes)

8. Count to Three (apparently, three is the magic number for eye contact to let them know you're flirting)

9. The Up and Down (this one was popular before the pandemic, but since you only need your eyes to obviously scan your crush up and down - it's super effective)

10. The Look Away and Back (this could be my favorite, you can use any of the above techniques - but add a not-so-subtle look back to make it extra effective)

Good luck, and happy flirting!

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