The State Fair of Louisiana is back and has taken over the Shreveport Fairgrounds. Although many of us consider Christmas to be the most wonderful time of the year many would argue that the State Fair of Louisiana holds the title.

Just think about all the fried goodness that we overpay for just to say "Well next time we eat like that will be the next time the fair rolls around". There is one experience that you just can't shake when you go to the fair, the carnival worker that is really good at their job.

Danethegreatt via TikTok
Danethegreatt via TikTok

We have all dealt with a carnival worker that is the best salesperson you've ever met right?

I was always told to not make eye contact and just keep walking, but they're so good at their job. "Oh come on it's easy as pie you just gotta throw the ring on the duck just like this!" and of course they get it on the first try. $10 and I can walk away with that huge teddy bear? I am suckered in. Every time.

We have all fallen victim to a carnival worker.

Am I mad about it? Absolutely not, I have some hilarious stories, and getting $20 swindled because of it is kind of worth it.

One of my favorite TikTokers is Dane Lindfors, you have probably seen his hilarious Southern Dad videos. We all know a dad like the one he portrays, but the best part is he just nailed what it's like to get suckered by a carnival worker at the fair.

Check out the hilarious video below.


@danethegreattThis is absolutely every guy at the Fairgrounds 😂 ##comedy ##fair ##fanfiction♬ original sound - Dane Lindfors

Here are some other Danethegreatt videos that I love that always make me laugh.

@danethegreatt The guy that comes to your house to work on your AC ##comedy ##airconditioner ##construction ♬ original sound - Dane Lindfors

@danethegreattSon come get ya dawwwg! ##comedy ##dadsoftiktok ##dogs

♬ original sound - Dane Lindfors

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