Christmas time is here!  That means people will be shopping, attending holiday parties, visiting their relatives and getting conned.  Every year around this time, law enforcement officials and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) see a sharp uptick in the amount of reported scams.  Make sure you are on the lookout for crooks trying to put your money under their tree.

The BBB has issued its annual Christmas reminder that grifters looking to separate you from your hard earned cash are hunting for suckers right now - and they can target you through your phone, email, texts, social media, and may even be lurking in legitimate looking e-retailers to grab your info in order to get at your money.  The BBB has also updated their holiday guidelines you can follow in order to protect yourself.

Some of the more devious scams that could ruin your holiday include: Crooks masquerading as a legitimate charity trying to help the less fortunate this Christmas, a plethora of package and delivery scams, shady gift exchanges, and more.

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It all boils down to a few key pieces of advice.  If a deal looks to good too be true, it probably is.  Also, make sure you check out any charity you want to help thoroughly.  Check out the rest of the BBB's tips to keep your money safe this Christmas right here.

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