Denizens of the Fairfield Historic District in Shreveport are not happy about a manufactured house moving into their neighborhood. They say that not only does the house not fit in with the historic homes in the area, but it's facing the wrong way--sideways.

The abode in question is located in the 2300 block of Thornhill Avenue which is between Boulevard Street and Dalzell.  Nearby residents say they were surprised to see the house pop up the other day without any notice and they were startled because it looks like a mobile home.

The City Of Shreveport was just as surprised at the emergence of the residence.  The house was moved from Sabine Parish to Shreveport without city authorization, and the owner did not get a permit to hook up to city utilities.  Even when a permit has been applied for, the city has to sign off on it; and they won't do that until they can make sure the building does not violate local zoning laws.

KTBS-TV reports that when contacted by city officials, the owner of the home said, in essence, that maybe the other residents should mind their own business about whether or not she has the proper permits.

Fairfield Historic District residents are concerned that the presence of the house may negatively impact their homes' values.




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