I know this is not a new thing, and I'm hardly the first to notice it.  But it just just struck me anew as I was catching up on this weekend's shootings in the news.  These stories are rather commonplace in our fair cities, which is unfortunate.  And there is a common garment that appears to be the preferred attire for perpetrators: the hoodie sweatshirt.

Hoodies are ubiquitous.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is rarely seen out of his. And they're the perfect attire for days like today--a little chilly but not cold enough for a jacket.  But when police describe the suspects in the latest convenience store robbery, the description often includes the fact that they were wearing a hoodie.  After all, hoodies are perfect for concealing your face and hiding your identity when you're breaking the law.


My wife often reminds me that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I admit that I'm a little late in pointing out this phenomenon.  But there are others who are more astute and enterprising.  Because apparently there have been his and hers "Partners In Crime" hoodies available for some time now.

Maybe I can cash in, too.  How about "Hoodies For Hoodlums"?  Whaddya think?

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