Some Caddo children are falling behind in their classwork. A new report shows several hundred youngsters in Caddo Parish are simply not logging on to classes as required each day and they are not attending in person classes. Caddo Juvenile Services Director Clay Walker discussed the problem during a meeting with Caddo Commissioners. Walker says parish leaders need to find a way to address this problem. His agency has started a list of children who are simply not attending any kind of school. There is concern that more social services will be needed as a result of this issue.

Walker told the panel:

Our concern, if you have several hundred children that are a year separated from school, that's going to become a big truancy problem and potentially a delinquency problem, we'd like to get in front of and prevent.

Caddo District Attorney James Stewart has previously told KEEL the truancy laws are still in place and he will continue to enforce those laws.

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