While this hurricane season is in the middle of its peak, the latest forecast calls for even more named storms.

As of late, we've had a lot of on our plate and hurricanes have been placed on the back-burner, thankfully. With the Delta Variant,  mask mandates, and the incoming school year, we've had enough to worry about, and luckily, the tropics have given us a bit of a break.

In fact, despite hurricane season 2021 kicking off in June, I can't tell you the last time I was worried about a hurricane. That's a good thing, however, the latest NOAA forecast is changing that. They released an updated forecast that predicts 15-21 named storms coming our way before the end of the season.

Lead seasonal hurricane forecaster Matthew Rosencrans says, "That range does include seven to 10 possible hurricanes, of those, three to five could become major hurricanes which are hurricanes that reach category three, four, or five.”

There is some good news with this latest projection. 2020 will be remembered for a lot of horrible things, but one thing many of us don't think about is its historic hurricane season. Last year, we saw a whopping 30 named storms during the season. So even if the NOAA's prediction holds true, and we do see 21 named storms, we'll still be well short of last year's numbers.

Here's to hoping we don't see nearly as many named storms as NOAA has predicted, we've suffered enough lately, it would be nice to not hear about a named hurricane any time soon.

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