Pure and simple. I ain't gonna beat around the Busch (beer joke).

I started drinking at a young age. I know that's horrible but it's the truth. Since the beginning, we'd drink natural light because it was cheap and disgusting but mainly cheap. As the years progresses, my friends and I started drinking a lot more Miller Lite. Others would go the way of Budweiser but I always stuck to Miller. I read somewhere that as you progressively get older, your palate will change and I believe that that is what happened to me. Someone introduced me to Blue Moon on draft with an orange peel and my life changed forever. Beer? With Flavor? Who knew? Lately I've been on an Abita kick and so far my favorite variety of that is the Abita Amber. If you haven't ever had one then go down to your local grocery store and pick up a 6 pack of it.