There are things you can bet on when visiting Texas; good people, delicious food, and no special privileges.

If you live in the South, you have most likely heard of Franklin BBQ in Austin. It's one of the best, if not the best, barbecue joints in the U.S. There is a line out the door and down the block at all hours of the day. Since they opened their doors in 2009, people have come from all over to camp out and get a taste of what Franklin is cooking up.

Recently they were heralded in the New York Times.

This made this Austin hot spot and a celebrity bucket list item. Many celebrities have eaten at Franklin, but they have all waited in line (or had someone do it for them and then deliver it). There's no special privileges at Franklin's. Not even for the rich and famous.

Including Kanye West, who was told he had to wait in line like everyone else.

The general manager Benjamin Jacob recounted that March day to the New York Times...

“Kanye West wanted to cut the line and we didn’t let him. Everybody’s equal.”

Back in October, Franklin BBQ even banned the practice of "line-holding." They didn't want others representing their brand. If you wanted to experience their delicious food, you had to wait in line like everyone else. It's pretty much a tradition now.

Of course, there are rumors that the only person who was allowed to cut was Barack Obama. Guess he had important things to get to.

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