Don't be surprised if your guy type dictates your bar type.

Looking for a great place to take your out-of-town friends, but don't know what they'll like? Just think of what kind of guy they're into and you'll find the decision isn't all that difficult. See, bars around here are kind of like dudes. Each has their own unique qualities and just like birds of a feather, they tend to flock together... to the same watering hole.

No hate here, just speaking the truth.

So what would some popular bars in Shreveport be like if they were actual men? And just for the record, we've got nothing but love for these places because they're there when the guy is here and they'll be there when the guy is gone.


The Sand Bar

His name is Dave. He's stout and rugged, and beneath that tattered LSU hat, you can see that he's got "take home to mom and dad" potential. But he's surrounded by the rest of his guy friends. They're laughing at an abnormal volume, double-fisting Buds and calling each other bro. Easily guys' night and though they may glance your way, don't expect them to approach you. If you can toss in a football score or challenge them to a roaring game of pool, you're in for a fun night and maybe a text in the wee hours of the morning that says "U up?"


No question left unanswered with this one. His name is Kristian (with a K) and he wastes no time giving you his resume. You know everything about Kristian; his job, his house, his childhood dog, his grooming habits, and his dreams of owning a Fortune 500 company one day. You accidentally guzzle down your drink listening to his stories, but he's right there with another glass... and another story. He's just waiting for his big break. One day he'll rule the digital world. The next morning as you cure your hangover at Rhino Coffee, you see him in the corner reading the paper, probably the stocks.

Noble Savage

You almost didn't notice Steve, but he doesn't mind. He's in a heated debate with his buddies about the unlikely paradox between Yoda from Star Wars and Gandalf the Grey from Lord of the Rings. When he's finally forced to vacate his fanny receptacle on a mission to rehydrate his comrades, he notices you at the bar. He doesn't say much and doesn't make eye contact, but before you can say no he has bought your next drink. You almost feel bad for making him pay, but you repay him with a kiss on the cheek. It's the only exchange he needs... for a month.

Wine Country

Slacks, button-up, matching shoes and belt. Robert is well-groomed, but his sleeves rolled up mid arm makes him appear lax. He prefers to stand, offering his seat to a lady, one hand casually in his pocket and the other holding his glass. An aspiring up-and-comer, Robert wants to make a good impression on everyone he meets. He speaks slow and soft with a confident smile. After countless pours of delicious wine, find yourself leaning closer to him until you're consumed with his cologne. At the end of the night he makes you promise that he'll see you there next week.

The Cub

Young and fresh out of college, Cody is not looking to waste much time searching for the right woman. He knows he can offer you exactly what you want, even if he knows he's not your type. Want to keep it casual and just have a beer? He'll cover your rounds. Want to get away from the noise for a bit and enjoy deep conversation over a steak? He'll certainly pick up the tab, even if it means he has to rework his budget for the week. He's the marrying type; comfortable, secure and in it for the long haul.

Stray Cat

Matt found his way to Shreveport on the promise that it would be the next Austin, Texas. He's artsy and free. He's got big ideas, but is just waiting to discover his true passion in his life. He's happy and content no matter the circumstances. If you want, pull up a chair and sit with him or keep your distance. Either way, he's having the night of his life and will likely shut the place down. Never fear though, he'll find his way back tomorrow night.

Superior Steakhouse

Clayton is the total package. Older, handsome, educated, and has money to spare. He seems to only have eyes for you. You ask him questions about Harvard (or was it Stanford) and law school. He swiftly dodges the question by tucking your hair behind your ear and flashing those pearly whites. You spend a lot of time together but feel as though you're lacking commitment. Your heart lights up when he asks you to come home with him for Christmas, but with no ring you're starting to feel that he's not ready to settle down.

Big Country *Coming Soon*

The new guy in town, Tate is filled with potential. He was born in Louisiana, but moved north to Shreveport for a change in scenery. He's got two-steppin' in his blood and knows how to be a southern gentleman... He just hasn't gotten the nerve to ask you out yet. But don't worry, that door will open soon.

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