Picture this- You just finished up a date and it went great. So, you invite the chick back to your apartment.  You try to set the mood by throwing on some music and all of a sudden...BAM! She's not in feeling so frisky anymore.

Well a survey from Tastebuds.fm may be able to help you seal the deal. They have discovered what some of the biggest musical turn-offs are. Each user was allowed to specify up to 12 acts that turned them off.

So, to help you in the pursuit of animalistic pleasure, here is the top ten list of bands to avoid when you feel like making love:


2)Justin Bieber

3)Lady Gaga





8)Katy Perry

9)Lil Wayne

10)Britney Spears

You mean listening to Chris Martin whine doesn't put people in the mood to make love? Weird.

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