If you plan to drink this weekend don't forget to drink water while your partaking in adult beverages. I will be going to my first ever Beer Festival and I can't wait to check out Shreveport Brew! I forget quite often that it now takes me 3 days and a miracle to recover from a night out of drinking or a drink at lunch that turns into day drinking. I miss the days where I could drink all night long and wake up in time for Brunch not looking like a raccoon who had just been hit by a truck. If you happen to be near Sunshine Health Foods you can always buy Party Smart, it's a pill that you take with a glass of water while you are drinking and the hangover is minimal the next day.

If you can't get that miracle hangover-be-gone-pill you can always resort to Pedialyte (Once I stole my nephews as his parents silently judged me from across the kitchen table. It isn't my fault I am the cool aunt) or you can always go with the hair of the dog. What is your best hangover remedy?


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