What is there to say about George Carlin that hasn't been said before? The man was a true genius that completely changed the world. (If you don't believe me, read his full length bio. Not only did he change FCC rules and regulations, but he changed laws. And, on top of that, not only did he change the way comedians preformed, but what material they could preform.)

Here is a little factoid you may not know about George -- when he was in the Air Force, not only was he stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, but he actually did a local radio show (when he wasn't being court martialed or punished).

So, to us here at 99X he wasn't just an idol or mentor; he was a brother-in-arms with whom we fought the good fight against the FCC and all other forms of fascism that want to take a dump on our rights to Free Speech and to live a happy, fulfilling life.

George may have left us on this day in 2008, but as long as there are free thinkers, rebels and people who give a rat's ass about our rights as human beings, Brother George will always live on in our hearts and minds.

Enjoy some of our favorite Carlin moments, and feel free to share yours. And keep praying to Joe Pesci. Maybe he'll finally getting around to beating some sense into the a-holes trying to ruin this world.

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