Earlier today, a roll-over crash in downtown Shreveport resulted in quite the crazy sight.

As of this writing, I don't have any details on the accident. All I can say is that I hope that no one was seriously injured in the freakish wreck. I don't have the details of what led to the roll-over crash, or the potential injuries sustained by the driver and/or passengers. I just hope everyone involved walked away from the scene unharmed.

As I was scrolling on Facebook this evening, i came across an image that you just don't see every day, much less in a highly trafficked area like downtown Shreveport. It reminds me of how scary the sights are any time theres a bad accident on the Cross Lake Bridge.

Somehow, a black SUV ended upside down right in the center of the Market St overpass, right over festival plaza. I can't imagine what led to the SUV ended up in that position, as the image doesn't seem to show much front=end or back-end damage.

I also can't imagine what drivers near the scene thought as they realized what they were looking at. Like I said, you just don't see this every day.

My friend Michael Powell of Roy's Kids was near the scene and managed to take the picture before uploading it to social media. He used the caption, "In case you’re having a bad day.. It could always be worse." There's certainly a lot of truth to that sentiment.

You can check out the insane visual below!

Michael Powell via Facebook
Michael Powell via Facebook

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