Over the weekend, a massive brawl took over an entire block in downtown Shreveport.

To be fair, Shreveport has been on a little bit of a welcomed dry-spell when it comes to fisticuffs flying and going viral. There was, of course, a fight filmed at the State Fair of Louisiana just a few weeks ago. However, outside of that, we really haven't seen as many fights come out of the Ratchet City as of late, until today, and this one is a monstrous brawl.

This may be the biggest fight I've seen and shared on this website. It's borderline horrific, and shows not only a physical altercation between at least six women, but also features at least two guns being brandished, but thankfully not used.

The fight itself starts with four women fighting each other and lasts only about a minute. However, in that minute, you see things escalate horribly fast, with men and women getting involved in the physicality. If that's not scary enough, about 40 seconds into the video, we hear the man who is filming say, "She's got a gun, bro". In that instance, you can clearly see that one of the women had pulled out a firearm. Shortly after, you'll notice that a male had brandished his firearm as well. Naturally, once the guns came out, the fighting stopped.

This is beyond frightening and I'm sure that Shreveport Police have seen the video and are working to identify all that are involved.

You can find the video below.

WARNING: NSFW content and language.


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