After passing through the tourist mecca Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, what was once Tropical Storm Harvey is now sitting in the Gulf Of Mexico.  But he's not sitting idly by, oh no; this treacherous tempest is just plotting his next move.

The warm waters of the Gulf will bring Harvey new life, and the weak depression will likely strengthen over the next few days.  The 8th tropical storm of the season could become a hurricane by the time it reaches landfall.

And when will that be, you ask?  Best guesses by meteorologists are sometime this weekend. Exactly where that landfall will be is anybody's guess.  Current forecasts have it being anywhere between Tampico, Mexico, and Houston.

Regardless of where it comes ashore Harvey will bring torrential rain to the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.  The Ark-La-Tex will also see rain from the storm, but how much depends on where Harvey lands.

Meanwhile, we may get a momentary respite from the stifling humidity we've been experiencing for the last week.  A weak cold front is moving in today bringing with it a 50% chance of rain.

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