Rumors have been swirling the past few weeks that the UFC was trying to put together a superfight between Jon 'Bones' Jones and the 'Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar. The flames were fanned even more this past weekend after Jones called out Lesnar following his win over Daniel Cormier.

Well, last night, Paul Heyman and Brock made a surprise, unannounced appearance on Monday night to drop a bombshell. Heyman implied their was conspiracy being mounted against Lesnar and that if Brock doesn't retain his Universal Title at Summer Slam, he's leaving the WWE.

Now, either this is a genius way to play off of real life situations to get more eyes on the product by the WWE creative team or Lesnar is legit leaving the WWE to go back to the UFC.

Reports suggest that Lesnar quietly re-entered the drug testing pool and has served most of his suspension. Insiders say that from the time Lesnar officially notifies the UFC that he's coming out of retirement, it's a 3 month process for him to get back into the Octagon. Which means Lesnar could hypothetically be cleared for the UFC's big return to New York in November.

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