After years of speculation, hope and rumor, it would appear that one of WWE's biggest stars could be making his return. According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, Angle has been telling promoters that he can't accept any more dates because he's going back to WWE.

In fact, here is exactly what Meltzer is reporting

For whatever this is worth, and keep in mind this wouldn’t be the first time this has been said, but Kurt Angle has told promoters he’s doing no more indie dates except one match with Alberto and another with Cody Rhodes, and then going to WWE in April. Keep in mind his people have claimed that for some time and WWE sources have denied it. There are all kinds of rumors regarding Angle and WWE, and there would be, since WWE has in recent years changed its position on people who would “never” be back like Warrior and Goldberg. Angle was always a Vince McMahon call, as ever since he left TNA early this past year, he’s made it clear he wants to go back and things like being the new character in the video game and going into the Hall of Fame make sense as there is a very short list for the former and a fairly short list for guys who can be in the top two or three spots for the latter and he checks both off. As far as wrestling goes, it would have to be a Goldberg/Lesnar thing of only a few matches.

It should also be noted that other sources reported earlier this week that Angle had been contacted to be a participant in the Royal Rumble. I hope these rumors turn out to be true...damn true!


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