Just to be clear, there were already laws on the books in Louisiana that prohibit texting, posting to social media, and / or trying to take the perfect selfie because the wind is blowing through your hair while driving - but a new Louisiana law was almost enacted over the weekend that would have made those restrictions even tougher.

The proposal for House-backed bill 619 was stalled in the senate when the session ended on Friday.  Since there was no action, the issue is now considered "killed."  Had it passed, HB619 would have enacted laws against manually operating your phone in any way whatsoever - including using it to make or receive calls.

Operating and using your phone via headsets, earpieces, and hands-free devices would have still been legal under the new law.  Fines would have ranged from $125 for first time offenders to $1000 and 60 day driver's license suspension for repeat offenders.  If the driver at fault in an accident was using a mobile phone, the new law would have also doubled any fines incurred during the incident.

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