How rare is snow in Louisiana?  The average amount of snowfall that our state receives each year is about 0.2 inches which means that in most years there's no snow at all.  By comparison, the only states with lower average snowfall amounts are Florida and Hawaii.

So imagine the surprise of the folks on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain when they woke up this morning to accumulations of snow on the ground, their houses, and their cars.  Weather forecasters had alerted residents that a good chance for snow existed today, so they weren't completely taken off guard.  The problem is that roads are really slick this morning, and us folks here in the Pelican State aren't accustomed to driving in wintry conditions; so, authorities are urging residents to stay home if they can and they're preparing for more fender-benders than normal.

Forecasters say that there may be as much as a 2-inch accumulation of snow today, which is 10 times the yearly average.  (Didn't even need a calculator to figure that one out.)


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