Arkansas, just like any other state, has had some successful cities and towns and others that didn't last for various reasons. Here, we're going to take quick look at a few of the towns that didn't make it, and some of what's left.

Arkansas' Top 5 Ghost Towns

Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

Honestly, since moving to Texarkana I have had the best time running the roads of Arkansas, finding new adventures, places to see and camp, along with some of the most amazing scenery in the country. If you haven't gotten out to explore this amazing state, don't wait, start adding to your bucket list while you still have a bucket.

Bucket List - canva
Bucket List - canva

I am.

Our thanks to Travel with Wiseguy's YouTube Channel for providing some terrific video of the remote places that are not easy to find, but surely worth the trip. Be sure you check out his channel, or you can just click on and watch his videos below.

This is the recent story of Monte Ne, AR, and the last piece that was demolished in 2023.

Click here to learn more about Calico Rock, AR.

Ghost Town of Rush Arkansas

Tour of the Arkansas Ghost Town of Rush

Gallery Credit: Lisa Lindsey

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