It seems like most people going out to eat in the state of Texas have been complaining about a variety of things such as poor customer service, food quality, or the fact that everyone is being asked for a tip. While we can all agree those things can be annoying, I will say that working in food service is not easy. I worked in a restaurant for only a few months, and it can be very difficult work but there are restaurant red flags you can look out for to avoid having a bad experience. 

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Recently, Readers Digest came up with an article about red flags at restaurants and I found it interesting, but I think they missed the mark on a few things. One of the things they mentioned specifically was about dealing with restaurant employees that didn’t seem interested in being at work, but you will never know that until you are already at the restaurant. Sure, you can avoid that restaurant in the future but it’s still tough dealing with that first bad experience.  

There Are Restaurant Red Flags You Can Notice 

There are things that you can pay attention to while you’re visiting a restaurant to decide if they are worth another visit or if you should be supporting another restaurant. Some of them can be obvious, like having employees that care and check up on their customers, both others aren’t as obvious, and we look at some of those things in the list below. 

Let’s Look at the Restaurant Red Flags 

Here are some restaurant red flags to watch out for the next time you’re grabbing a meal in a Texas restaurant. 

Watch Out for These 11 Restaurant Red Flags

Here are some red flags that can help you avoid a bad experience at a restaurant.

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