Anytime someone wants to claim they have the best in Texas, I’m always interested because saying you’re the best in Texas at anything is a bold statement. There are lots of hard-working people in Texas and thousands of restaurants within the state that are making fantastic meals every day. So, when the topic of the most mouth-watering burger in the state of Texas came up in a recent article, I was interested in what was recommended in Texas.  

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The article was written by Lovefood, and while they identified the most mouth-watering burger in every state, I was only interested in what they said about Texas. And I must admit after seeing what restaurant they identified as serving the best burger it made me want to see more of what they offer. Their website had me drooling in no time, and now it might be time for a road trip to try one of their burgers for myself. 

What Restaurant in Texas is Serving the Best Burgers? 

According to the article the best burgers in Texas are found on Galveston Bay at a place called Tookie’s Hamburgers and More. They have been open since 1975 and every picture I have seen online about their food and even milkshakes look incredible. 

Just a Classic Cheeseburger is the Best in Texas 

While burgers can get crazy with all the toppings you see on them now, Tookie’s is keeping it classic with a great burger and fresh ingredients that have customers coming back for more. I really need to try this place, it looks so good. 

Where do you think the best burger in Texas is found? Have you tried Tookie’s before, was it amazing? Let me know in the comment section! 

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