When you really stop to think about all of the different types of addiction found in the state of Texas in 2024 there are a lot more than we were taught growing up. Of course, you always hear about drug or alcohol addiction but there are so many more than just those two that are becoming quite common. Which is why I wanted to bring up some of the addictions that are becoming more popular so you can be aware of them.  

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Now obviously, some addictions can be worse than others, but if you’re struggling with addiction of any kind you should try to speak to a professional about how you can find ways to break the addiction. There are addiction issues in almost every family, so don’t feel like you’re alone going through the process of working on not being so dependent on those addictions.  

It Might Seem Silly, But Addiction is Real 

As you see the list of addictions below there are some that might make you laugh or ask yourself how could anyone become addicted to that? But people struggle with all different types of addiction. The hardest part is admitting you have a problem so you can begin working on the issue.  

Let’s Look at Some of the Newer Addictions 

According to Flowing Cents were going to look at some strange addictions but many of these are becoming more popular in Texas. And if you see something on this list that you’re struggling with just know that thousands of others are trying to overcome the same hurdles that you are.  

Addictions Becoming More Prevalent in Texas

Here is a list of addictions that are becoming more prevalent in the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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