Emily Henry was renovating her home when she made an incredible discovery. While pulling up the floorboards in a spare room of the home, she found a hidden pool and jacuzzi! I can't imagine through her mind, but it must have been shocking. Why on earth would someone cover an indoor pool?

Why didn't the real estate agent know there was an entire pool under the floor? The home was built in the 80s, and Henry was in the middle of a renovation project when she made an incredible find. According to housbeautiful.com, Mrs. Henry is a talented glasswork artist from Arkansas and was renovating a spare room when they discovered the hardwood flooring had a different subfloor from other rooms in her house. It didn't have one at all!

She got the surprise of her life as the floorboards came up and unearthed a pool accompanied by a hot tub entirely intact! They went back and looked at the blueprints on the house; sure enough, the pool and jacuzzi were part of the original build.  What would you do if you found a hidden pool under the floor in a spare room? Would you keep it or fill it in? Spoiler alert, Mrs. Henry decided NOT to keep the pool! Here's why she says her family made that decision:

"Although lots of you wanted to see this restored back into [a] pool," She continued. TikTok update. "we decided that being surrounded by these crystal clear lakes and being such outdoorsy people, it wouldn't make sense for us to have an indoor pool." While commenters suggested ideas ranging from a skating room to an indoor tennis court, Henry and her family ultimately decided to transform the space into an atrium. As an artist whose medium is glass, she wrote, "I hope to fill this room with stained glass, lots and lots of plants, and a small little koi pond for us to enjoy," she said. "We're going to get so much use out of this room, and I literally cannot wait to have a place to escape to."

Luckily, the Henry family made several videos about this amazing discovery. After unearthing the pool, Henry started documenting the progress of her renovation project by sharing her incredible story on TikTok. Enjoy!

@funkyglassworks Update. It’s finally empty & ready for the professionals to come in and tell us what we are really looking at in terms of repair or renovation #homerenovation #whatwefound ♬ BILLIE EILISH. - Armani White

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@funkyglassworksIm so ready to have this room done dirt will be here monday

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